Monday, January 21, 2008

Mount Pee pee!

Okay so I'm back in Mount Pleasant... I have been for about two weeks but haven't gotten a chance to blog at all. Surprisingly I love my classes this semester. All of them are very enjoyable except for spanish which i'm having a little trouble in. What should I have expected... I cheated on the placment test and ended up in a spanish class thats too hard. Thats why your parents said never cheat you just get screwed in the end. Anyways I'm still trying to clear up a grade from last semester. So heres the dealio. I need a speech class to actually sign my BCA major. I know I'm three classes away from finishing it and I haven't actually signed the piece of paper yet. I put TAI off to the last minute figures. I would have had a B+ in the class but since I took two trips to see my parents my absences racked up and now I have a B-. Just an FYI I need a B to sign my BCA major. So I never do this...I made an appointment to meet with the prof to discuss this dilemma. I rarely whine or bitch about my grades only when it is very important to do so. AND this is that moment. I am NOT paying 900 fuckin dollars to take that stupid class again just because of a few absences. I will seriously write him a check to get him to change that grade. I'm not reducing my self to sexual favors but anything else would be acceptable. end of rant one. On to MLK weekend... I always found this weekend to be humerous. A man that valued education so much and we're taking a day off of our educational duties to celebrate him. It seems a little ironic to me. Anyways this weekend has been fabulous. Katie G, Melissa Lane, Emily and I went to Emily's grandma's house and just lounged around. It was the most fabulous two days ever!! We watched disney movies, went sledding in sub zero temps and gossiped about the music building. Awesome. Oh this is where I found out I was actually sleeping with someone. This is a funny story...sort of! I can't mention his name because we're just not going there right now. Apparently I have been sleeping with this older guy for a long time and he comes over and everything. WHOA... really... news to me. I'm like am I leading a double life or are people in the music building acting like they are in highschool AGAIN. That would be the latter. Seeing that i haven't had any intimate action in 6months getting laid would be very nice. Thats besides the point... when people (aka freshman who lead by example for Shannon Roberts) I don't know come up to me and then start aproaching my friends asking me Oh are you fucking so and so,is he good in bed. blah blah blah. I'm like first of all I don't know you and you're only asking me because you can't ask him because he would fuckin kick you in the face. I know I talk about him a lot and he is one of my favorite people in life right now but that doesn't mean I am screwing him. sorry for the extreme run on sentence and the use of the word like. So music building, my life is NOT your buisness and i'm not fucking who you think I'm fucking...I am actually very very much single. sorry for that I just had to get that off my chest. Back to my fabulous weekend. Besides the bump about my secret sex life the gossip was pretty tame. After not taking a shower for two days and eating 5 bowls of popcorn we were ready to come home to Mount Pee Pee. Em, Patrick and I watched the green bay packer loose in ridiculous -24 degree temps and then I drove to my apt in the crazy temps. This weather is supposed to wait until Jazz weekend. Never fails every jazz weekend there is some sort of ice storm and sub zero temps. Alright enough of me how about you. I like new york in june how about you....I like a gershwin tune how about you. okay i'm singing a judy song again I need to go to bed.