Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More NYC

Louis V...I will buy from you one day. But for now I will do the whole Bag, Borrow or Steal thing.

New York City week 1

I have made it one week in the big apple and so much has happened.  Let's start with a brief overview.

 I am staying at NYU 's 
Palladium dorms which are just CMU's dorms in highrise nothing special. 
The  world moves fast around here so you got to move or you are gonna get you ass run over!!!

First order of business besides work was to see the Sex and the City Premiere, which I did.  It was my first red carpet event.  I wasn't really walking down the red carpet...i'm not that cool.  I did see the cast of sex and the city plus Fergie, Donald Trump, and many others.  I was in crowd of thousands so the pictures did not turn out well, which i'm bummed about.  Just seeing them all was worth walking in the rain. 

Second order of business is work.  I work at Bob's Your Uncle, which is a film production company in the East Village.  There main line of work is branding for different TV stations and programs, such as Starz, Hallmark Channel, Spike TV and currently working on commercials for sesame street.    http://bobsyouruncle.tv /  
Well my job as the intern has been doing "intern" tasks such as answer phones, ordering lunch in french, and meeting with my boss's relator to find a new office space.  So I have been all over the city with my new friend Glen the relator to the stars.  He knows the Speildbergs...come on really.  Actually he does and fixes sarah jessica parker, madonna , Harrison Ford and the late Heith Ledger up with their fabulous pads.

I have been having a lot of fun and get along with the city and the locals really well.  I have been having a little trouble with confidence.  Back home your fashionable, cute and suave.  You get here and it just hits you like a brick wall that you are not in Kansas anymore.   The people in my internship program are all LOADED.  They have their Jimmy Choo shoes, their Louis V bags and their Gucci sunglasses.  I come in with my target flip flops and my sunglasses from Walgreens. My suitmates have their Louis V make up bags sitting on the toilet.  God dammit that is a $600 bag just chillin on the toilet seat.  My roommate and I are both in the same boat in that we are both from the mid west. which is VERY apparent in this city.  She is more fashionable than me so she has kind of pushed me along.  It so true when they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.  With a few pointers from Glen I think I'm on my way to reaching success.   Just act like you have money and push your way through the crowd.  

Celebs I have seen on the street thus far:
Mary Kate Olseon 
Bobby Flay
America Feriera (Ugly Betty)
Meredith Viera
Matt Lauer 
David Cook
(I don't go uptown all that often so except on weekends and that is were they are mostly) Soho is a good celeb spotting place as well, but it's next to chinatown which scares me).