Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer Wrap up 2

Okay Blogspot won't let me upload large pics anymore sooo this is all you get.  The pic in the top left is Sasha, Terence's two year old son. Working are way clockwise...Heather and I in a vintage eyewear store, then there is Dave,  and the heather and I again in the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, there is me editing SteveSongs(soon to be on PBS) and the last one is Heather, May and I at Satkos are favorite Sake Bar.

Heather and her purple pants...another pic from the Timesquare adventure.

Well below we have  Terence Williams...Creative Director Extraordinaire ...hung over and snoring away on the couch.  That was the morning that I came in and he demanded that I go get him eggs benedict, coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice..oh and of course the New York Times.  He gave me his credit card and told me to get what I want and come back in an hour because he smelled like city night life and wanted to freshen up.
We can always look but never touch the labels...oh well.

That to the far right is Heather in her new Sexy haircut.

Heather and the  Brooklyn Bridge pic that I took lying down...it's not exactly what i wanted but it works.

Rockefeller Center...what can I say..it's always lit up and a beautiful place to just chill

Summer Wrap up 1


Obviously below we have the Yankees Game...This is the last season in the stadium before they tear it down, so i'm glad I got to go.  That game was probably one of  the hottest days of the summer so we didn't stay for the whole thing...actually we only stayed for 2 innings. 

Above is a dog i babysat all summer... youare going to ask...Lynzi what is this precious dogs name?  I couldn't tell you. It starts with an N and its greek.  Thats bad I know...but Ifelt bad asking more than once how to pronounce the dogs name.  This was Christos's daughters dog so I would go over on weekends when she would come and watch the dog while they would go out.  Christos Pathiakis is the editor at the production company I worked for... His daughters name is Persephone if that tells you anything...about how greek they really are.  He would pay me $10 an hour to watch his TV(that took me an hour to figure out how it worked because it's hooked up to a recording counsel.) 

Again Yankee players...not a huge baseball fan but here they are...

ME in the stifling heat...this is also the day that May, Heather and I walked out of three different resturants because they were too expensive.

FLOWERS ...around the east village where i worked and played they have all these gardens where you can go and read or sit. They also have sculpture gardens which you see in the third picture down.   I got a lot more pictures of things than i did people which looking back kind of sucks.

Brooklyn Bridge...one of my favorite places. It was only one subway stop on the 5 express train downtown.  You can see the statue of liberty, pier 17 and it's exactly 1 mile longs so it's good for running.
I love this pic but you be the judge...my boss had me go take location shots of time square at night for this commercial they are shooting in october.  So they had me go out and do it. I was so paranoid that Terence(my very temperamental but lovely british boss) would hate them..but he loved them and sent them off to Germany.

Reflection of radio city music hall in the fountain by the hilton hotel 
Remember the Mansion story...probably not so I'll tell it again.  May my roommate was in PR and interviewing for a job. For the interview they hooked her and all her friends( that would include me) up at Mansion...a hot New York Night Club.  Just the cover was $30...which was normal, the drinks were $15 a piece and a table was $750.  Me and my fine self get in for free, drink for free and don't remember half of the night.  I remember I was smoking inside of a New York City establishment, which is totally illegal. AND I had a very hot frenchman pouring me my drinks..."a whole bottle of grey goose for me...why thank you kind sir."

another Time Square night time pic...this is on 42nd st between ave 6 and 7...by Bryant Park.

The outside of Bobs Your Uncle...on 6th st between Ave B&C..if you ever want to stop by.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More NYC

Louis V...I will buy from you one day. But for now I will do the whole Bag, Borrow or Steal thing.

New York City week 1

I have made it one week in the big apple and so much has happened.  Let's start with a brief overview.

 I am staying at NYU 's 
Palladium dorms which are just CMU's dorms in highrise nothing special. 
The  world moves fast around here so you got to move or you are gonna get you ass run over!!!

First order of business besides work was to see the Sex and the City Premiere, which I did.  It was my first red carpet event.  I wasn't really walking down the red carpet...i'm not that cool.  I did see the cast of sex and the city plus Fergie, Donald Trump, and many others.  I was in crowd of thousands so the pictures did not turn out well, which i'm bummed about.  Just seeing them all was worth walking in the rain. 

Second order of business is work.  I work at Bob's Your Uncle, which is a film production company in the East Village.  There main line of work is branding for different TV stations and programs, such as Starz, Hallmark Channel, Spike TV and currently working on commercials for sesame street.    http://bobsyouruncle.tv /  
Well my job as the intern has been doing "intern" tasks such as answer phones, ordering lunch in french, and meeting with my boss's relator to find a new office space.  So I have been all over the city with my new friend Glen the relator to the stars.  He knows the Speildbergs...come on really.  Actually he does and fixes sarah jessica parker, madonna , Harrison Ford and the late Heith Ledger up with their fabulous pads.

I have been having a lot of fun and get along with the city and the locals really well.  I have been having a little trouble with confidence.  Back home your fashionable, cute and suave.  You get here and it just hits you like a brick wall that you are not in Kansas anymore.   The people in my internship program are all LOADED.  They have their Jimmy Choo shoes, their Louis V bags and their Gucci sunglasses.  I come in with my target flip flops and my sunglasses from Walgreens. My suitmates have their Louis V make up bags sitting on the toilet.  God dammit that is a $600 bag just chillin on the toilet seat.  My roommate and I are both in the same boat in that we are both from the mid west. which is VERY apparent in this city.  She is more fashionable than me so she has kind of pushed me along.  It so true when they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.  With a few pointers from Glen I think I'm on my way to reaching success.   Just act like you have money and push your way through the crowd.  

Celebs I have seen on the street thus far:
Mary Kate Olseon 
Bobby Flay
America Feriera (Ugly Betty)
Meredith Viera
Matt Lauer 
David Cook
(I don't go uptown all that often so except on weekends and that is were they are mostly) Soho is a good celeb spotting place as well, but it's next to chinatown which scares me). 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arnel Pineda


Here's my opinion. Steve Perry is one of the top rock vocalist of all time. He decides to go solo, then he decides to retire, then he becomes a farmer. Steve is not coming back people...he can't sing anymore...his voice is blown out. That would be a big clue to all of Journey to just hang it up. If Robin Zander decided to retire from cheap trick or Paul Stanley from KISS the band would stop. Maybe gene would continue KISS but I wouldn't go. They say Arnel sounds just like Steve...I don't want somebody just like steve. I WANT STEVE PERRY! Steve Perry had a stage presence like none other I know. His voice was pure, powerful, and i never get tired of listening to him. Can Arnel pull it off?? YOu be the judge.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Some more random thoughts that you may or may not read. 

1. Since I have been running things are getting tighter.  Even if you the people can't tell yet it's coming off. The first thing you all will notice is that my boobs will decrease in size.  I wish my extra ass and thighs would go.  Nope my girls  are the first things to go.  I realized this this the other day when my usually full bra was a little empty. fuck!  I'm gonna have to get  one of those padded things that are so uncomfortable.  

2.My 21st birthday is on May 9th.  same day as Tommy p but he will be turning 58. oh geez thats a huge age gap.  Of course I need gifts but your presence at my birthday bash tour will be enough.  We will start in Traverse City and work our way down to Lansing.  I will not be driving. Somethings I would like for my birthday
        -new running shoes(orange or some other bright obnoxious color)
-Journey Greatest Hits DVD
-a fat long haired cat in which I will name him Stanley and then I will get another and name           him Paul.
-the finishing touches to my Cheap Trick record collection. 
 -Robin Zanders solo album
-I would like to win the lottery so I wouldn't have to ask for anything. 
 - happiness(maybe meet a nice guy this summer between the ages of 25-30. who is NOT       married.   i'm so over that shit. 
 -peace on earth(whatever...not with georgey boy in office) 

3.  I took a trip up to T.C for  "Easter". Seeing that I don't go to church anymore I didn't think it appropriate to go home with Emily and her very religious family.  Since my grandparents were lonely I decided to keep them company on Saturday night.  See I am nice!  We watched The Ten Commandments on ABC for like 5 hours.  That should never be played on T.V its long enough to begin with, then you add commercials  and it becomes 5 hours long. 
You know when a certain place is associated with really strong memories every time you go back to that place  the memories just flood your mind.  Well hello who could forget this summer.  I'm laying in bed at my grandparents house and couldn't stop thinking about Nick...well that was not welcomed.   I put on my ipod to some Detroit Rock City and thought that would drown out  my thoughts.  I sound like a crazy person.  At least I didn't have any run in with the cops and he didn't call me.  yay! he's officially gone.  moving on...
 I've never really run in T.C before so i decided to take a little jog down the peninsula  hahahahaha  Hats off to all of you that do the Bayshore Marathon because that road really SUCKS.  I only did 1/4 of center road and I was worn out.  My grandparents live on the top of the first big hill on Center Rd. So going down towards  NMC was fine but coming back up...lets say i just walked.   Well I have a long way to go to get in shape but it's a process.  

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patty's Day 5k

Probably many of you know that Emily and I are on this mission to run a half marathon.  So we had to start small with a 5k.  I was a swimmer all my life not a runner because my asthma got in the way.  The doctor said that swimming would help my breathing troubles.  Running was just too frustrating, but in december I wanted to try again.  Well Emily has been kicking my ass into shape with 3 miles a day snow, rain or shine.  I take my inhaler twice before I go running and it seems to help but there is still that tightness in my chest.  I learned the other day not taking a drug for your asthma and just taking the inhaler can damage your lungs.  well shit.  You know what else can damage your lungs...smoking.  well I'm screwed twice over.   I'll get it figured out or as Korey Brown says work it out Lynzi.   Anyways on Sunday was my first race ever in life and I did pretty well. My time was a little slow at 30min but considering that I walked for a  total of 1 min it wasn't too bad.  If you want to see this mighty duo run or want to join the mighty duo we will be at the following locations. 

AMA run for access to Care(5k)
East Lansing
April 6th

RAT race (5k)
Mt. Pleasant
April 26th

Beat the Grandma(5k)
Grand Rapids
May 3rd

Pace for Prevention(5k)
Tampa, Fl
May 17th

MG 5k in May(5k)
Grand Rapids
May 17th

Sgt. Doreen Scrimenti Scholarship Race(5k)
Staten Island, NY
June 8th

Major Eugene McCarthy memorial Run
Brooklyn, NY
June 14th

Mint City 10 miler
St. Johns
August 9th

Coldwater Mini triathlon (Maybe ...I don't like the coldwater lake...it's full of leaches eww)
Coldwater, MI
August 23rd

Eight Mile Run 
Mackinaw Island
September 6th

2008 Gazelle Sports Bridge Run(10k)
Grand Rapids
September 20th

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon
October 19th

Great Turtle 5.7 run
Mackinaw Island
October 25th