Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arnel Pineda


Here's my opinion. Steve Perry is one of the top rock vocalist of all time. He decides to go solo, then he decides to retire, then he becomes a farmer. Steve is not coming back people...he can't sing anymore...his voice is blown out. That would be a big clue to all of Journey to just hang it up. If Robin Zander decided to retire from cheap trick or Paul Stanley from KISS the band would stop. Maybe gene would continue KISS but I wouldn't go. They say Arnel sounds just like Steve...I don't want somebody just like steve. I WANT STEVE PERRY! Steve Perry had a stage presence like none other I know. His voice was pure, powerful, and i never get tired of listening to him. Can Arnel pull it off?? YOu be the judge.


Christine said...

One word "yes", Arnel can pull it off. he is not new to the rock scene. He is a talented experienced singer.

Tarseea said...

Maybe you should check Melodic rock according to Lora Beard and Cindi Poon they have heard NEW demo songs of Steve Perrys and he hasn't lost or blown his voice at all....Now weather we ever hear those songs hit the light of day is another story. But also if you have ever heard the David Packs CD or the resent song he sings on with the group Gruff you can hear for yourself the VOICE still has a GREAT Voice.

G said...

I Agree with Taressa!!!! I also read that and in my book--------
He WILL NEVER loose that GOD GIVEN Voice till the day he dies!!
He is the BEST singer on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and have loved him since 1978!!!!
and will till the day I Die!!!!
ILoveStevePerry :o)

Layla said...
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Layla said...

Journey's relevance ended in 1998, when Steve Perry left the band. Arnel Pineda is the latest karaoke *Steve Perry impersonator* hired by the band. Pineda's mediocre vocal ability in no way represents the brilliant and gifted genius of Steve Perry...The ONLY VOICE of Journey!! Steve Perry is undeniably one of the greatest performers OF ALL TIME. The splendid magnificence of his unique talent has left an indelible imprint on the world FOREVER!

Please use discretion before posting erroneous gossip and rumors. Steve Perry towering vocal prowess is in full force. HE CAN SING. Also, Steve has never officially announced his retirement, so to state as fact he is not coming back is idle speculation based on hearsay.

Certainly Steve deserves better than that.


March 30, 2008 3:37 PM

Layla said...

By the way....Steve Perry never retired from the music business to become a farmer.

PRIOR to joining Journey in the late 70's and before all his fame and fortune, he did odd jobs on a turkey ranch to make ends meet.

Tarseea said...

I agree with you Layla....

Arnel can pull it off well that remains to be seen yet...They also thought the Steve Augeri could pull it off but look what they did to him when he had voice trouble. I have nothing against Arnel or Steve Augeri they are or were living thier dream and we all need dreams.

Now as for Neal and Jon personally they should stop looking for a Perry sound alike or look alike and move on they had a chance at a great come back with Jeff Scott Soto the fans loved him and so did the critics but no they have to hide behind the Perry sound.... It has to sound just like Steve or else... Journey has become a tribute band unto themselves.

Sarah A. Miller said...

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