Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rollin' with the Punches

Hey all I would like to update you on my life thus far. Things have not gone as planned but whatever does ya know.  Life is about roadblocks and how you deal with them.  So all summer I worked my ass off trying to find a job in New York City, but being a recent graduate in this economy is BRUTAL.  All the film production jobs that would be taken by people of my caliabar are being taken by people who have been in the business for years because they can't find jobs either.  It's a vicious cycle let me tell you.   I would get interviews in the city but I didn't even have enough money to get on a plane.  It was irratating to say the least. SO  I had to take a step back and rethink what I was going to do.  I'm living at home, which is an adventure in itself and have two jobs now.  I am working at a production company in Tampa called ScatterBrothers Productions. Currently we are working on a reality show for fox about professional deep sea fishermen.  It's a cross between the Hills and Deadliest Catch. Fascinating:/ It's something I can put on my resume though right.  

The second job which is my main job is a total backassward from what I want to be doing.  I am an elementary school music teacher at Countryside Montessori in Land O Lakes Florida.   All Gasp! Yes laugh it up the bad ass KISS/Cheap Trick lover  deals with  little kids all day long.  This shows how bad the Florida school systems are...they hired me without a teaching degree.   It has been an adventure to say the least.  I have had to pull out all the stops and call people I haven't talked to in years(old band teachers, ex boyfriends, every member of Delta Omicron)  Cuz Let's face it I have NO IDEA what I'm doing.  Here's What I know.  Music is part of my core.  I have done since I was really young and I have a distinct unconditional love for it.  It is one thing to know how to do but to be able to teach it is a totally different experience.  I have been trying to analyze how my teachers/prof in the past taught us what we know now.  This is quarter note...but why does it get one beat Ms. Lynzi(they call people by their first names down here)  IT JUST DOES! So I have been on the MENC website for the past 2 weeks and talking to so many people.  The kids are group 1-3grade and 4-6grade. It's hard to teach something you would teach to third grader to a first grader and visa versa. I mean they are a totally different  levels developmentally .  That's an obstacle I haven't quite conquered yet.  Then I think if Roberta Guaspari can teach kids from 6-12 how to play Vivaldi on the violin... kids have to be smarter and able to grasp more than I thought. 
There has been this  part of me that did not want to tell ANYONE because I was embarrassed.  I was afraid people were going to get mad(all my music ed friends) that I got this job right out of the gate and they are still sitting in Band Org studying their ass off.  I have gradually broken in the news and people are more helpful then anything else.  I'm mean this just happened and I am only going to be here for a year(until I save up enough to go back to New York) Watch I say that and I am going to actually like teaching little kids.  Oh NO! Alright everything happens for a reason and I just have to relax and go for the ride.  So if anyone has any Music Ed advice it would GREATLY appreciated:)