Monday, December 17, 2007

Update from the sunshine state Part I

Well the semester is over finally! I'm pretty sure I passed all of my classes, it was getting a little scary there for awhile. The Thursday of exam week I was done with school so I headed up to Traverse City. I wasn't even in town yet and I got pulled over by a cop. Oh joyus day! Well I deserved it I was going 75 in a 55, but everybody goes that fast on 115 it's just a fact. But since I looked cute and the cop was nice he only gave me 5 over instead of reckless driving. I didn't do much that night but bum around. I had lunch/dinner at Chilies with Chelsea and then went shopping while she was working at North Peak. After she got out we went back to her house and hit the hay because we had a big day of Snowboarding a head of us. Finally Friday the day I was waiting for snowboarding at Crystal Mountain. Since this was the last time I was going to see snow in 3 weeks I decided to kick the shit out of the slopes. Surprisingly it was not crowded making for an awesome day of no lines, sweet jumps, and some very tasty cheese fries. After that it was time to go home to Mount Pleasant to pack and then drive to Emily's so I could get on a plane for Florida the next afternoon. So my flight was supposed to take off at 1:25 but since the Detroit Airport was covered in ice my plane was late. My plane ended up taking off at about 2:20 from MBS but I had to catch another flight out of detriot that was going to leave at 3:25. We land in Detriot at 3:15 but didn't get off the plane until 3:20. I had 5 minutes to run from C terminal to A3 and if you know the DET airport...thats pretty far. Well I hauled ass in my ugg boots to make it just in time, just as I got on the plane they shut the boarding door. Thank God because if I didn't get on that plane the next plane took off the next day at noon. I got to Florida in one piece and apparently "brought the cold weather with me" It's a very comfortable 60 degrees but people are bringing out their winter parkas. It's very ammusing. As of late I am just relaxing, watching christmas movies, helping my brother with his homework, and trying not be attacked by the creeper next door. He did come to the door around 10am when I was watching A Haunting. He's like Can I come in and keep you might need someone to hold you during the scary show you're watching...uhhh NO!(VOMIT). He started to push the door open and said dude i don't want to fuck you and I shut the door in his face. Through the door he said well if you need anything I'll be next door everyday this week. After I locked all the doors I went and held my dog and continued my show. Obviously he didn't get the fact that I don't want to see him. Well Shit, thats when I decided I'm going to school with my mom tomorrow. Thats all for now. More updates from the sunshine state later.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Almost There!

Well the last day of classes was today. Thank the fucking lord. I'm supposed to be typing my term paper about Liszt and his sexiness but I have no motivation to do anything right now. Well except for typing my feelings for everyone to read. It's been a rocky semester to say the least. I took too many credits...21 to be exact. Well everybody said I was crazy but being the Taurus that I am said Fuck you I can do it. Well i should have listened. Instead of having A's and B's like I usually do I have 2 C's maybe three. I feel like a fuckin failure when I get a C in a class. To the the point where I look at my life in the future and see myself working at McDonalds. I know that I am blowing it out of proportion and life will go on blah blah blah. Right Now I feel like shit. I think that explains my drinking a half a bottle of wine, half a bottle of champain and smoking some illegal substances the other night. I just wanted to forget that the classes I'm floundering in the most are the one's in my major, well second major. How's that for a happy day. I thought sightsinging was bad...NO I did fuckin fantastic in that class compared to Broadcast History of New Technology or Cable Copyrighting where the teacher is not a big fan of me. The prof always says to me your writing is fantastic but you didn't underline this or you didn't double space these two lines. The assignments were all out of 11 points, and when he marks off for shit like that it makes for a pretty bad grade. AND the final project was a storyboard presentation. We had to make a 30 second Television commercial about a certain product. My assinged product was a mini chopper and on our assigned day we had to make a 10 min presentation. I spent hours working on it, drawing, gluing things together making sure everything was perfect. What did I get a C- yes all that work for that. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I got marked down for using my pointer incorrectly..apparently I pointed with the wrong hand. I looked at my board for more than 5 sec instead of looking at the class that was like 5 point deduct. Oh and my favorite minus 4 for being gone on Monday. Well I couldn't help that now could I... My father scheduled my plane so I got back on fuckin Monday night. I mean I can see if I didn't try in the class and got those grades but to put my intelligent Lynzi brain on top of it and get those grades...makes me feel really LOW. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....hold on I'm counting to ten........10. Okay mad rage over. But What I don't get is last fall Emily and I went out almost every weekend getting totally plastered and got way better grades than are getting put in the grade book this semester. At the end of last year I thought hey no more lessons, no more sightsinging, no more is going be a piece of cake. Well there are harder things to deal with than singing 3 lines of music in front of scott harding or playing a 20 min jury in front of the piano faculty. Those are things that I know how to do and do well. I play the piano well sightsinging was still a little iffy there at the end. Just the singing part....I am big fan of dictation. Things like this meaning the bad grades make me sit and think if I am going the right direction in life. We'll find out soon enough. I might just get my piano degree, become a hobo and sing khum ba ya around the campfire. Or I just need to calm the fuck down and go write my term paper about Liszt's sexiness. Good night. yes it's only 10 till 11 but I'm tired .......... Good night moon. Good night Cow jumping over the moon Good night brush and a bowl full of mush...I can't remember the rest.