Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Happy Place

That makes me sound like a crazy person but seriously this is one of my favorite places on earth. I have been a lot of places. Maybe it is because of the happy memories this place holds or just the beauty of it but I love it.

This is 12-mile beach campground it is located about twelve miles from Grand Marais, MI down a dirt road. These were probably some of the happiest times in my life. Camping was a real staple in my family, we did it all my life. In the summer this is where we went. I feel like I'm this old grandma looking back on her memories. No I'm just telling ya whats up. I also feel if I don't stop to see the good in life I'll be consumed by the bad. So here is my good.

These pictures are from a few years ago. Not the golden age of twelve mile but once I get those pictures out of storage I will scan them in. Below this is something my brother, me and all are other friends we met up there used to do. Cliff Jumping. To get to the beach you have to go down a dune. Instead of going gracefully down we leaped over trees and stumps on to the sand below. Looking back we probably good have broken body parts but we didnt' care.

Another thing we used to do was play sand football...this was serious business we would keep score and make out plays. We would play for hours and when we got hot we would jump in Lake Superior. It wasn't just my brother and I we met a couple other families up there and year after we would go back and see each other. We met actually over horrible circumstances, somebody drowned and all of our families went to save this guy. Well the guy didn't make it but all of us have a life long friendship. I learned to play the guitar around the campfire the first song I learned was Small Town Saturday Night by Hal Katchem. It's a corny song but it was fun. We inserted different words to say 12 mile on a saturday night. Probably about every night we would sing that and Wayne would play his guitar and harmonica. Oh glorious days. Anyways I'll talk later about fun times at twelve mile when I get more pictures.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


They say anywhere can be home as long as your with you're family. I disagree with that statement. Right now I feel like I don't have a home. I know this might sound like I'm whinning or whatever but just shut up and listen. I have been cursed out of Traverse City by the evil Jehovah's. Even though I love that place and I spent ten years there my family isn't there anymore just an empty house. Everytime I go back something bad happens. So I think the evil Jehovah's Witnesses cursed me when they had there meeting about my wrong doings. Then there is Mount Pleasant well who wants to call this home. That sounds kind of harsh. I have had a lot of good times here in Mount Pee Pee. Like trudging through the ice storm becuase we just had to have the first season of Grey's Anatomy, 11am theory freshman year: reading the sex column before Scott came in the room and listening to A.J Garr make some crase comment about it, staying up till 2am doing his take home quizzes that 80% of the class failed,telling Shannon to shut up when she tried to teach the class or do sudoku, crying before sightsinging test. hahahaha Now that I don't have to take those it makes me laugh to think how dumb I acted. It's just a singing test it's not brain surgery. Speaking of brain surgery watching our Sunday night specials of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Oh Dr. McDreamy. More fun times sneaking alcohol to the Herrig classroom and drunkenly practice till all hours of the night. No wonder i didn't get anything done. Most recently drinking a whole bottle of wine during midterms becuase i couldn't handle having 21 credits. Also the Emily and Lynzi adventures which we always seem to get into some sort of trouble. The Paul Stanley concert, that wasn't trouble the party before it was but the concert was amazing. Our Halloween adventures to MSU and the Midland Cemetery. We always have our creeper, dude- bro, college boy stories. Never a dull moment. Then all the parties that none of remember because we drank too much tequilla.
I didn't me to go down memory lane but it makes me feel better to think about the good. Most of my friends are here in Mount Pleasant but it's not really a place I can fall on. A place where I can say honey I'm home. But if I have to make it that way so be it.
Now for the Florida stories which most of you have heard and some that I shouldn't say but am going to anyways. I have never felt uncomfortable with my family until this past holiday. My dad is off in lala land not realizing that my family really doesn't want to be there. He thinks it's cool it's 85 degrees on christmas. Everybody is secretly angry at each other but won't say it out loud so there is this think tension in the air. Especially with my grandparents because they moved up to T.C to be with my parents, and then two years later my parents moved. Oh boy Merry fuckin Christmas. To top it all off they have this creeper nieghbor and of course he is attracted to me. Because I am the old guy creeper magnet. Usually I am game for that but this guy made me feel really uncomfortable. I only knew the guy a day and he starts making sexual comments towards me. When I am attracted to a guy that is fine but when I am not... it's NOT fine and I get really freaked out. It doesn't help that he is married and has one year old. They are my parents only friends and were around all the time. He would find ways to get me alone. When my parents werent looking he would whisper crazy nasty stuff in my ear .asdlfkasdlfasdf He would say shit that should not be said to me. Yes I am 20 and this shouldn't bother me but it does. Okay lets back up I didn't his once before yes...but with a guy who I had feelings for. If the only thing Nick wanted was to get in my pants he didn't a very good job at getting there. He was not creepy, got to know me, and we became friends. Then everything else happened. This guy was like bam I am going to be a fuckin creeper. I can't tell my parents because they will say one of two things...I am just trying to stir up drama or they won't believe me at all. They are such nice people or he wouldn't do anything like that. blah blah blah
This is part of the reason I don't want to go down because this guy is pretty foward about what he is doing. He doesn't have a job, but his wife works. There is going to be week where I will be home alone becuase my parents will be working. FUCK THAT What is stopping him from coming over and doing the nasty. I will carry a can a mase around in my pocket. I swear to god I will burn his retinas out if he trys to do anything. He is ruining my chance to feel at home. Maybe I'm blowing this way out of proportion but strange place plus creeper next door equals Lynzi not staying there for long. I am going to live with Robin Zander peace!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A few of My Favorite Things!

good times at CMU.

The ice storm of '06

Adrian Morris..she did more in 17 years than most people do in a lifetime...may I see you again someday love.


Zach used to hide in the dog cage when we played hide and seek. he didn't realize that the cage had holes in it so obviously we could see him. We also caught him eating dog food once.

My Rockstars
Tommy P my 12 string bass sex god. haha I have issues

Paul Stanley...or Stanley Harvey if you want to be precise. l like Paul Stanley better...but I would never want my last name to be Lynzi...thats just wierd.

and then there's Steve...he got me through the summer of 07... just don't stop believin

MORE LATER...this is a good start though.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I give Public Schools a F!!!!!

Yes I give the public school system of american an F for failing to teach my generation to use their BRAIN. Let me give you a little background of where this rant is coming from. I am in TAI 170 which is a freshman level speech/theater class. yes i am a junior but I put it off to the last possible moment. These kids...wait I don't want to say kids..peers don't know a god damn thing. Things that should have been learned in middle school. For an example syntax or metaphor or smilies(i think that was 5th grade). Nobody knew what these things were I just sat back in shocked at the low literacy of all of my peers. I am not trying to sound naracassitic but honestly people read a book. Another thing that bothers me when my peers didn't know authors or styles of writing that are commen to every other educated person in the world. Sylvia Plath, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Dickens, and some didn't even know Shakspeare. Well that folks is just a tragedy.
I'm not blaming them i am blaming the teachers in highschool for not teaching them these things. Or teaching it in a poor way so it didn't stick in their brains. Maybe I was blessed with a great education or maybe it was because my mom is a teacher or Maybe it's just because I listen in class. I don't know but come on America lets get people learning because aren't we supposed to know the basics BEFORE we come to college. College is like an extended learning, so we can broaden our minds to new and greater things. Maybe learning syntax and metaphores are new and great to some people. If that is the case that is really sad. The problem of pointless classes is getting better the more higher level classes i take, which is to be expected.
Back to the real problem of our pre college education. I think it all started...oh my god yes I am thinking. I think it all started with the concept of standardize testing. The bane of my exsitence. I am not a great standardize test taker AT ALL. To sit and regurtitate facts for a fuckin computer is pointless to me. Why is my intelligence measured by a set of questions that is not about anything but taking a test. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? This is more apparent in History where the teacher only teaches what is going to be on the test and nothing else. Well yes JFK was assainated on Nov 22, 1963 by who they thought was lone gunman or thats what the teachers told us. That was it, thats all we got. No questions, nothing later it was to be used in ABCD or E answer. Now THAT is streching the mind.
I am just asking to cut the No child left behind act BULL SHIT and starting teaching.