Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arnel Pineda


Here's my opinion. Steve Perry is one of the top rock vocalist of all time. He decides to go solo, then he decides to retire, then he becomes a farmer. Steve is not coming back people...he can't sing anymore...his voice is blown out. That would be a big clue to all of Journey to just hang it up. If Robin Zander decided to retire from cheap trick or Paul Stanley from KISS the band would stop. Maybe gene would continue KISS but I wouldn't go. They say Arnel sounds just like Steve...I don't want somebody just like steve. I WANT STEVE PERRY! Steve Perry had a stage presence like none other I know. His voice was pure, powerful, and i never get tired of listening to him. Can Arnel pull it off?? YOu be the judge.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Some more random thoughts that you may or may not read. 

1. Since I have been running things are getting tighter.  Even if you the people can't tell yet it's coming off. The first thing you all will notice is that my boobs will decrease in size.  I wish my extra ass and thighs would go.  Nope my girls  are the first things to go.  I realized this this the other day when my usually full bra was a little empty. fuck!  I'm gonna have to get  one of those padded things that are so uncomfortable.  

2.My 21st birthday is on May 9th.  same day as Tommy p but he will be turning 58. oh geez thats a huge age gap.  Of course I need gifts but your presence at my birthday bash tour will be enough.  We will start in Traverse City and work our way down to Lansing.  I will not be driving. Somethings I would like for my birthday
        -new running shoes(orange or some other bright obnoxious color)
-Journey Greatest Hits DVD
-a fat long haired cat in which I will name him Stanley and then I will get another and name           him Paul.
-the finishing touches to my Cheap Trick record collection. 
 -Robin Zanders solo album
-I would like to win the lottery so I wouldn't have to ask for anything. 
 - happiness(maybe meet a nice guy this summer between the ages of 25-30. who is NOT       married.   i'm so over that shit. 
 -peace on earth(whatever...not with georgey boy in office) 

3.  I took a trip up to T.C for  "Easter". Seeing that I don't go to church anymore I didn't think it appropriate to go home with Emily and her very religious family.  Since my grandparents were lonely I decided to keep them company on Saturday night.  See I am nice!  We watched The Ten Commandments on ABC for like 5 hours.  That should never be played on T.V its long enough to begin with, then you add commercials  and it becomes 5 hours long. 
You know when a certain place is associated with really strong memories every time you go back to that place  the memories just flood your mind.  Well hello who could forget this summer.  I'm laying in bed at my grandparents house and couldn't stop thinking about Nick...well that was not welcomed.   I put on my ipod to some Detroit Rock City and thought that would drown out  my thoughts.  I sound like a crazy person.  At least I didn't have any run in with the cops and he didn't call me.  yay! he's officially gone.  moving on...
 I've never really run in T.C before so i decided to take a little jog down the peninsula  hahahahaha  Hats off to all of you that do the Bayshore Marathon because that road really SUCKS.  I only did 1/4 of center road and I was worn out.  My grandparents live on the top of the first big hill on Center Rd. So going down towards  NMC was fine but coming back up...lets say i just walked.   Well I have a long way to go to get in shape but it's a process.  

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patty's Day 5k

Probably many of you know that Emily and I are on this mission to run a half marathon.  So we had to start small with a 5k.  I was a swimmer all my life not a runner because my asthma got in the way.  The doctor said that swimming would help my breathing troubles.  Running was just too frustrating, but in december I wanted to try again.  Well Emily has been kicking my ass into shape with 3 miles a day snow, rain or shine.  I take my inhaler twice before I go running and it seems to help but there is still that tightness in my chest.  I learned the other day not taking a drug for your asthma and just taking the inhaler can damage your lungs.  well shit.  You know what else can damage your lungs...smoking.  well I'm screwed twice over.   I'll get it figured out or as Korey Brown says work it out Lynzi.   Anyways on Sunday was my first race ever in life and I did pretty well. My time was a little slow at 30min but considering that I walked for a  total of 1 min it wasn't too bad.  If you want to see this mighty duo run or want to join the mighty duo we will be at the following locations. 

AMA run for access to Care(5k)
East Lansing
April 6th

RAT race (5k)
Mt. Pleasant
April 26th

Beat the Grandma(5k)
Grand Rapids
May 3rd

Pace for Prevention(5k)
Tampa, Fl
May 17th

MG 5k in May(5k)
Grand Rapids
May 17th

Sgt. Doreen Scrimenti Scholarship Race(5k)
Staten Island, NY
June 8th

Major Eugene McCarthy memorial Run
Brooklyn, NY
June 14th

Mint City 10 miler
St. Johns
August 9th

Coldwater Mini triathlon (Maybe ...I don't like the coldwater's full of leaches eww)
Coldwater, MI
August 23rd

Eight Mile Run 
Mackinaw Island
September 6th

2008 Gazelle Sports Bridge Run(10k)
Grand Rapids
September 20th

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon
October 19th

Great Turtle 5.7 run
Mackinaw Island
October 25th 


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


     ACE FREHLEY... I was only 3 feet from the master...within groping distance!! He touched Chelsea! Maybe because she was lying on the stage with a beer in her hand and her boobs falling out of her top.  This was the last picture I got before my camera ran out of batteries.  I missed capturing the smoking guitar...pissed!! One side note on the Ace concert. I was talking to my friend Sarah, one of the many, and she came up to me the other day.  She said do you know Ace Frehley.   I said of course do you.  She said not until Friday night did I know who he was.  Then she went on to explain how she waited on him at the restaurant in the casino on Friday afternoon. Nobody knew who it was until they took his credit card back and saw his name on it.  Then the manager had to tell all of the girls that yes that is ace from KISS. Then everyone started freaking out and going up to talk to him.  Lucky bitches.  They didn't even know who he was until that night. He ordered a wet burrito and a diet coke if anyone wants to know.   Seeing Ace and Paul makes me want to see KISS real BAD!  On the contrary to what many may think I have been a KISS fan since 9th grade.  Not as long as Scott who has been in love with them since he was born, but I definitely discovered them on my own.   Seeing people like this live is an ethereal experience for me.  I can't explain the feeling of a live concert like this but I feel the music all the way inside of me. Just for that moment I am lost in the awesome craziness. almost better than sex..not really...maybe if you were getting fondled while at a concert it would be better than sex.   Anyways this is just a cry out to Paul, Gene, Tommy and well I really don't know who the drummer is right now but come to Michigan so I can bask in the your glory. There will be lace panties thrown your way.   I would prefer it if you came before I graduate...I will buy a meet and greet pass I don't care how much it cost.  I'm taking donations! 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr. Unavailable!

I am trying to break this habit of falling for unavailable men.  I don't know why it happens, but I'm trying to figure that out.  I think I just pick bad guys...their either creepers, married, or totally not interested.  How can you not be interested in me...i'm fuckin sweet.  Wow that was a little conseded.  I think I fear real relationships mainly because I fear  becoming like my parents.  Or being with  somebody like my father.   There  is a trend with the women in my family to play meek, mild women role.  They do everything that there husband says to do.  I don't like that outfit, it makes you look fat.  Okay i'll go change.  Or Go make dinner..and they automatically do it.  My favorite is when my dad calls my mom every hour to see where she is and what she is doing.  I'll be damned if I am in another relationship like that.  Where they love you when its convient for them, but other than that you're kind of on your own.   I had a relationship like that off and on for 3 years.  I finally realized that he was like my dad and i was acting like my mom.  He was controlling me and he made me feel like all the problems in the relationships were my fault.   When we would break up I would go crawling back because I thought it was my fault.(yeah we broke up and got back together 4 times)     That was the end of relationships for a long while. Wait thats right I haven't had a real relationship since my freshman year.   Every time I watch sex and the city , it makes me feel better about the lifestyle I lead.   More than I like to admit I get lonely and pissed off that I don't have a boyfriend.  All of my friends are hitched so I am always the third wheel.   Everyone tells me people I should date or people that would be good for me, but I'm just not attracted to the people they throw in front of me.   It's not like i'm a total loser i do get action  and could have gotten laid by a least 5 men that i know of the Ace Frehley concert.  as i said before creepers or married men included in that 5. not a good plan.  All we could do anyways would be to have casual meaningless sex.  I don't think i could do emotions would get the best of me.   So the big question why do I attach myself to people that can't reciprocate.  People tell me I do this because I'm afraid of getting hurt and attaching myself to unavailable men will spare me in some way.  They say because I know nothing will ever happen with this unavailable man that I shouldn't expect anything.  Just do it for the fun.  When you start getting in a friendship/emotional relationship with that person and start caring about his well being  you're kind of screwed with the not getting hurt thing.     Am I over analyzing this relationship thing...should i just chill the fuck out and bang any guy that comes along and totally disregard my emotions.   I'm only 20 years old and  already have this wall up and only certain people, my parents not included, get past it.  I don't think that's very healthy.  Now that I'm just babbling i think i should stop and ponder on my own time. 

Saturday, March 8, 2008

are you a republican?!?!

I thought this was interesting.
To be a Republican you need to believe that:

1. Jesus loves you, and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary

2. Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's
Daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney did business with him,
and a bad guy when Bush needed a 'we can't find Bin Laden' diversion.

3. Trade with Cuba is wrong because the country is Communist, but
trade with China and Vietnam is vital to a spirit of international

4. The United States should get out of the United Nations, and our
national priority is enforcing U.N. resolutions against Iraq .

5. A woman can't be trusted with decisions about her own body, but
multinational drug corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind
without regulation.

6. The best way to improve military morale is to praise the troops in
speeches, while slashing veteran's benefits and combat pay.

7. If condoms are kept out of schools, adolescents won't have sex.

8. A good way to fight terrorism is to belittle our longtime allies,
demand their cooperation and money.

9. Providing health care to all Iraqis is sound policy, but providing
care to all Americans is socialism. HMO's and insurance companies
have the best interests of the public at heart.

10. Global warming and tobacco's link to cancer are junk science, but
creationism should be taught in schools.

11. A president lying about an extramarital affair is an impeachable
offense, but a president lying to enlist support for a war in which
thousands die is solid defense policy.

12. Government should limit itself to the powers named in the
which include banning gay marriages and censoring the Internet.

13. The public has a right to know about Hillary's cattle trades, but
Bush's driving record is none of our business.

14. Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you're a
conservative radio host. Then it's an illness and you need our
prayers for
your recovery.

15. Supporting 'Executive Privilege' for every Republican ever born, who
will be born or who might be born (in perpetuity.)

16. What Bill Clinton did in the 1960's is of vital national
interest, but
what Bush did in the '80's is irrelevant.

17. Support for hunters who shoot their friends and blame them for
wearing orange vests similar to those worn by the quail.